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Pease Note: This information is out of date and will be updated once updated in September when GCSE Results are available

Pupil Premium Attainment

5A* - CEM (4+)

English and Maths C+/4+

English and Maths B+/5+

Progress 8

Progress 8


Attainment 8 Ebacc




2019 2021





2019 2020






2020 2021





2020 2021 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021




45.2% 54.4%





59.5% 63.6%






30% 27%





-0.48 -0.76 42.7 40.2 40.3 42.04 45.41 40.28 4% 12% 17.0% 11.9% 6.1% 2.9%


85% of Pupil Premium Year 11 students achieved their Platinum status last year.

Every small school has at least four Pupil Premium students that represent the student council. 

Every small school has at least three Pupil Premium students that have trained as a wellbeing mentor through CAHMS. 

45% of Pupil Premium KS3 students have achieved their bronze, silver or gold status within school. 

My Tutor 

Last year, 45 Year 10 & 11 Pupil Premium students accessed the MyTutor program for 15 weeks. 100% of this program was filled with Pupil Premium students. This resulted in an increase in confidence within Maths & English. 

In the 2021 – 2022 year, 45 spaces have been purchased for 3:1 intervention outside of the school day, for 15 weeks. This has been offered to Year 9, 10 & 11 and all spaces have been filled with Pupil Premium students. 

Saturday School

For the past four years, we have run a Saturday School to focus on Maths. This is run by our Maths department, 9am-11am on a Saturday morning. We have had an 80% attendance from our Year 11 Pupil Premium cohort over the four years. The program runs for six weeks. 

Saturday School will continue for Year 11 students in November for six weeks, prior to their Year 10 mocks. 40 spaces are available.  

Summer School 

In Summer 2021, 106 Year 6 students accessed a full week of Summer School. This was a week of academic and enrichment activities to aid the transition into Year 7. Activities included; Maths, Science, MFL, PE, DT, Music, Geography and History.  External providers were; The Animal Man, Headstart & The Army Youth Engagement.

All children were provided with resources to take away with them, as well as a free lunch each day. 70% of the students that attended were Pupil Premium. This has resulted in a much smoother transition into Year 7 and behaviour logs and pastoral incidents were reduced in the first half term in Year 7 as a result. 

67 Year 10 students accessed a full day of intervention in either Maths, Child Development or BTEC Sport. 64% of the Year 10 Pupil Premium cohort attended one of these intervention sessions. 

Parent Engagement    

All parents are contacted on a regular basis and are invited to meet, either in school or via MS Teams. 

At parents evenings the vast majority of students meet with their Learning Mentor to get overall feedback. Prior to the lockdown, 79% of Pupil Premium families attended the face-to-face parents evening within school. 

Free School Meals

Since changing our Free School meal process there has seen a 20% increase in uptake of free school meals, taking us over 80% uptake daily for FSM. We continue to seek ways for this to be 100%. 


All Pupil Premium Year 11 students attended the Future’s Conference last year, which focuses on Post 16, employability skills, study skills and a mock interview.

The Brilliant Club Scholars Program is made up of 80% Pupil Premium students. 


All activities are run with proportional representation in mind, therefore, the make up of any activity should have at least 26% Pupil Premium students attending