Sensory and/or Physical Needs

  • Students may have a visual impairment.
  • Students may have a hearing impairment.
  • Students may have a physical disability or medical condition that specifically impacts on their education (a student with a medical condition that does not impact on their education and is able to fully access school life is not considered to have a SEND).

The school is wheelchair accessible and includes power assisted doors, disabled toilets and a lift in the new building.

We have very close links with the Occupational Therapy team, the Hearing Impairment team and the Visual Impairment team.   All three services regularly visit the school to meet with the students, provide updated reports on their individual requirements and support school in ensuring we are providing a suitable environment to meet these requirements.

We have a range of writing slopes available in school to support writing position and posture.










Tasks are well differentiated for our students, for example the complexity of cutting templates in DT is personalised according to individual student fine motor skill ability.






Some students use ‘wobble cushions’ to support their seated position, aid posture or keep them ‘grounded’ in their seat.