A full timetable of lessons is available to every year group during the January/February 2021 lockdown via MS Teams.  Please ask your child to log onto Teams and join their class channel during their usual timetabled lesson.  Their class teacher will greet them there and start the lesson.  Attendance to the remote lessons will be recorded.

In the event a teacher is absent because of sickness for example, we will endeavour to set work on the class channel/assignments where possible for your child to complete.  If you cannot find the work or if there are any issues and your child cannot log into Teams or the network has gone down, please ask them to log into Bedrock, Hegarty Maths or Massolit (see Miss Carter’s letter dated 4th January 2021 for more information.  This can be found in the ‘News’ section of the website).  Departments have also added some useful websites to our website which can be found in Curriculum / Useful Websites (Covid 19) or by clicking here.

If your internet goes down, please ask your child to read or participate in the BBC 2-hour slots that they are providing each day on BBC Two for secondary school students.


Here you will find all of the information regarding the distant learning tools that we are implementing. Our distance learning platform is called Microsoft Teams and you can read more about it below in the following guides.

MS Teams Guides

Student Guide to Teams


This link will take you to our Remote Learning Policy which was ratified by Governors on Monday 18th January 2021:

Remote Learning Policy

During the current lockdown (January & February 2021) your child should be receiving a full time timetable of education from school.