School Staff by Department

English Department
Miss C Owen Head of English
Mrs M Griffiths 2nd In English
Mrs J Mahon Teacher of English
Mrs K Heins Teacher of English
Mrs J Hirst Teacher of English
Mr T Allen Teacher of English
Mr T Dunbar Teacher of English
Miss I Jones Teacher of English
Miss J Beaver Teacher of English
Mathematics Department
Mrs V Corbett Head of Mathematics
Mrs S Poole 2nd in Mathematics
Mrs M Sharp Maths Leader & Numeracy Co-Ordinator
Mrs J Pickering Teacher of Mathematics
Mr B Cooper Teacher of Mathematics
Mr J Turner Teacher of Mathematics
Mr S Parton Teacher of Mathematics
Miss M Darby Teacher of Mathematics
Science Department
Mrs K Stephens Head of Science
Mrs S Alecock 2nd in Science
Mr A Bennion Teacher of Science
Mrs H Felstead Teacher of Science
Mrs S Lockett Teacher of Science
Design and Technology Department
Mr A Bishop Head of D&T
Mrs K Goodridge 2nd in D&T
Miss C Mansell Teacher of D&T
Miss I Chorr Teacher of D&T
Mrs L Meanley Teacher of D&T
Mrs S Prince Teacher of Child Development
Religious Education Department
Mrs J Wynn Head of R.E
Miss A Richards Teacher of R.E
Geography Department
Mr A Warren Head of Geography
Mr M Fountain Teacher of Geography
Mr P Evans Teacher of Geography
History Department
Miss B Wigley Head of History
Mrs C Jones Teacher of History
Miss F Dearlove Teacher of History
Modern Foreign Languages Department
Mrs N Proffitt Head of MFL
Mrs R Paginton 2nd in MFL
Mrs S Irvine-Remson Teacher of MFL
Miss L Taylor Teacher of MFL
Computing and Business Department
Mr C Mckenzie Head of Computing & Business
Mr R Lort Teacher of Computer Science & Business
Drama Department
Miss L Burgess Head of Drama
Miss H Biggs Teacher of Drama
Music Department
Mrs A Ruston Head of Music
Miss A Condrey Teacher of Music
Art and Photography Department
Ms K Barre Head of Art & Photography
Mrs A Corbishley Teacher of Art & Photography
Physical Education Department
Mr K Mainwaring Head of Physical Education
Miss N Stockdale 2nd in Physical Education
Mr P Vinters Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs Z Goswell Teacher of Phyiscal Education
Miss L Edwards Teacher of Physical Education