Big Think Current Question:

“Should grey wolves, canis lupus, be reintroduced to the UK?”


Big Think response guidance:

  • Write a position paper, or submit a scientific poster (see Miss Robinson for help with this and/or look at the example below), arguing for or against the reintroduction of wolves.
  • For a successful entry you will need to research both sides of the argument (this can include reintroduction of other species to other countries) and weigh up the evidence to reach a justified conclusion.
  • The best responses will include references (where they got the information from).

There is no minimum or maximum length for the position paper, we just stipulate that it clearly explains your position and discusses the research you have done to reach it. We would also encourage you to cite sources as would be done in an academic paper.

Most importantly though, enjoy the process! This should be interesting and we would strongly encourage getting the whole family involved in the production of your position paper if you can. 

Deadline for submissions – Friday 28th February 2020


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