Do humans need religion?

Position papers are due by Friday 30th November

Big Think response guidance:

  • Begin by stating what your initial response to the question is e.g. your instinctive response, before you do any research. It’s perfectly OK to be conflicted initially or totally one-sided, the crucial things is that it should be your opinion.
  • You should then complete some research around the question and your next few paragraphs will interpret what you find out, explaining how it affects the way you think about the question as you go.
  • You should finish with a summary of how, if at all, your thinking about the question has changed and focus on explaining what you believe the most significant information was that influenced you. Perhaps explore why you think it affected you so much.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length for the position paper, we just stipulate that it clearly explains your position and discusses the research you have done to reach it.
  • We would also encourage you to cite sources as would be done in an academic paper.

If you would like to see a model example of what an excellent response looks like then please check out the link below written by a year 7 student in 2018.

Big Think Model Response