Big Think Current Question:

“Can time travel ever be possible?”


Big Think response guidance:

· Start by setting out what you think before doing any research. Show you understand what is implied by the statement about books.

· Do some research, perhaps using recent articles in newspapers and on news websites. Write up (summarise) what you find out and what your opinions are on those details.

· Conclude by stating what you think after the research. Do you feel the same? Has your mind changed? If it has, what changed your mind? Was it something you didn’t know or do you now think about it differently? If not, what is the evidence that you find most compelling? · Please send your completed position papers to or hand them to him in school (comms 5) or your tutor.

There is no minimum or maximum length for the position paper, we just stipulate that it clearly explains your position and discusses the research you have done to reach it. We would also encourage you to cite sources as would be done in an academic paper.

Most importantly though, enjoy the process! This should be interesting and we would strongly encourage getting the whole family involved in the production of your position paper if you can.

Deadline for submissions – Friday 24th November 2023

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