The school has signed up to The Scholars Programme run by The Brilliant Club and our first cohort of pupils are progressing through it this year. This is a programme designed to support pupils to develop skills and knowledge to make ambitious and successful applications to universities, should that be what they decide to do. At the same time pupils will be developing great academic skills to support their school work day to day.

Last year The Brilliant Club worked with over 12,000 pupils across the UK and in an independent evaluation of the programme’s impact, UCAS found taking part made it ‘significantly more likely’ pupils would progress to a highly selective university compared to a control group of pupils with matched characteristics.
 It involves a group of 12 pupils working with a PhD student on a university style module based around their field of research; eventually producing a piece of work equivalent to the standard expected of a student at least one stage ahead of the one they are currently working at. This year they will be aiming to produce a 2000 word essay of degree level standard and will be marked accordingly by their PhD mentor.

While participating the students also benefit from visits to and tours of prestigious universities, academic study skills sessions and a range of information, advice and guidance relating to their future academic careers.

Our launch event this year has been at the University of Sheffield and later in the year we will be going to the University of Oxford for the presentations of the students’ final assignments. It is very exciting to part of such a prestigious programme and I believe both the students selected and the school as a whole will benefit from being part of it.