On behalf of the Governors at Burton Borough School, I welcome this opportunity to briefly introduce you to the work the governing body undertakes to ensure that the children who attend our school receive a relevant and exciting education.


Our governors are representatives of the local community; parents, school staff and the local authority.  They bring a range of interests, knowledge and skills to the school whilst working in a voluntary capacity.


We meet regularly, both as a whole group and smaller committees which are responsible for specific areas.  We try to visit school regularly to meet staff and pupils. Parents are able to contact Governors if they feel they need to do so.


The governing body has a range of powers and duties laid down by parliament.  In the main, these responsibilities relate to;


  • Setting targets and promoting high standards of education
  • Employment of all staff
  • Setting the strategic framework within which the school operates
  • Management of the schools’ delegated budget
  • Ensure that the school follows British values
  • Ensuring that the schools’ curriculum is balanced, broadly based and is in line with the current requirements
  • Ensure that all policies and procedures are followed and embedded
  • Regular meetings and discussions with the Principal


The last 15 months have been an interesting time in the history of Burton Borough with the appointment of a new Principal who has driven through a school restructure that ensures that pastoral care and communication is specific to ‘small schools’ rather than a generic role.  There has been the introduction of a new school uniform that looks smart and gives our pupils a sense of belonging and pride in their school. Teaching and learning across the school has also been addressed and we are continually developing our staff to ensure the best outcomes for out students.


In September, Paul Broomhead decided that it was time to step down as the Chair of Governors, a role that he had held for some years.  The time and effort that he put into the school is difficult to quantify and the Governing body are delighted that he has decided to stay on and share his years of experience.


Full Governing Body


The full governing body meet every half term to consider business items, fulfil statutory duties and to approve and scrutinise the school improvement plan.


The powers and duties of the governing body are varied and assigned governor’s work with specific departments, and small schools.


We regularly review the School Improvement Plan, helping the governors to steer the strategic direction of the school, whilst maintaining clarity of vision and ethos.


A key priority for governors is the safeguarding of students.  As a school we are leading the way throughout the borough with our inclusion panels.  This ensures that pupils are safeguarded and, where necessary, receive the support and alternative provision that they deserve.


Through the full governing body, a governors are appointed for the performance management of the Principal.  The Principal’s appraisal targets are linked to the School Improvement Plan and are monitored on a regular basis.


The governing body has responsibility for the quality of teaching and progress and achievement of students.


Regular reports have been received from senior leaders which detail progress of specific groups such as those eligible for the pupil premium, students with special educational needs and disabilities and those who are most able and talented.


Data for different subjects and year groups are considered, questioned and challenged particularly around GCSE results and the progress of students’ learning, to ensure that appropriate action is taken to strengthen performance.


Whilst this year’s results show an improvement, they are not at the level that either the Governors or Principal expects.  Work is being done to improve teaching standards which we would hope will see this upward trend continuing.


The impact of interventions for students in receipt of pupil premium are regularly reviewed to ensure that the gap between disadvantaged and other students continues to narrow, we recognise that this is an area that needs to improve and will continue to challenge the senior leadership team to ensures that this happens.


This committee has considered information on pupil exclusions and sanctions on a termly basis.  It is pleasing that due to the high expectations on behaviour particularly over the last academic year, there has been a noticeable reduction in the number of exclusions and sanctions; and it looks as if this positive trend will continue.  As a governing body, we will continue to support the Principal and school staff in the way in which they to deal with inappropriate behaviour from students.


Governors receive information on the views of parents, pupils and staff and act upon those as appropriate and where necessary included in the school development plan.


Business Committee


This business committee has responsibility for the budget, buildings/health and safety and personnel matters including pay. 


Monitoring of the budget ensures solvency and robust discussions around financial decisions ensure that best value is achieved and that the funds delegated to the school are managed with probity.  Allocation of pupil premium funds is considered by this committee.  Pay decisions are linked to the appropriate guidance for different groups of staff.


Maintaining a balanced budget is a key priority, this will always be a significant challenge, but due to continued hard work, (particularly by finance staff) a budget to support school priorities was approved.


All of the schools policies and procedures have been reviewed and when necessary rewritten to support the schools vision of the future.  They ensure that processes are in place so that pupils are treated appropriately and that parents have a clear process to follow.


Governors are required to attend meetings on a regular basis, and meetings in the past 12 months have been quorate. 


Paul Ackers

Chair of Governors


List of School Governors 2021-22

  Governor Name Governor Role Term Of Office Area of Responsibility Business Interest Other Schools Governed Relationships with staff/members of the governing body
  Mr P Ackers Chair, Co-Opted 02/02/2024 Gatsby Gateway/Careers/Further Education & Data None None None
  Mr M Armstrong-Barnes Parent 27/01/2023   None Muxton Primary School, Telford None
  Mr M Austin LA Appointed 05/12/2025   None Queenswood Primary School & Nursery and Southall School None
  Mrs E Banks Parent 27/01/2023   None Redhill Primary, Cannock & Moorhill Primary, Cannock None
  Miss K Carter Principal N/A     Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow (MAT) None
  Mr R Callister Co-Opted 20/05/2022 Small School Link, SEND None None None
  Ms C Edwards Co-opted 05/12/2025        
  Mr M Freeman Co-opted 05/12/2025        
  Mrs A Gough Co-opted 06/02/2026        
  Mr A Matthews Parent 27/01/2023   None None None
  Mrs H Mitchell Co-Opted 24/03/2023   Ascendancy Internet Marketing, Ascendancy Group None None
  Mrs M Patterson Parent 27/01/2023   None None None
  Mr S Ross Co-Opted 15/09/2023 Support Staff Governor None None None
  Mr S Scollay Co-opted 31/08/2023 Safeguarding & Well-being None None None
  Mr J Sullivan Co-opted 05/12/2025        

The current Register of Business Interests for our Governors can be found here.

The register of attendance at meetings and the current constitution can be found here.

Chair of Governors Contact Address:

FAO Chair of Governors
Burton Borough School
Audley Avenue
TF10 7DS

Alternatively, you can email to the Clerk to the Governors: bbs.clerk@taw.org.uk

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