We believe uniform is important because it helps to develop a sense of personal pride and form good habits for a student’s journey into adult life.

What constitutes ‘appropriate’ is down to the discretion of the Head of School, Vice Principal and Principal in all elements of uniform..

Burton Borough Uniform



Blazer Black blazer with badge on chest pocket and sleeves rolled down. All students must wear their blazer around school. Students may be allowed to remove their blazer in lessons at the teacher’s discretion. Blazer sleeves are NOT allowed to be rolled up.
Trousers Standard full length black tailored trousers NO hipster, skinny, flared trousers, jeans or trousers with exposed fashion buttons, laces or zips. The bare ankle should not be seen
Belts Plain black belt NO Large belt buckles
Skirt Kelso tartan skirt (blue). All skirts must be on the knee in length.  No other skirt will be acceptable Skirts MUST NOT be rolled up.
Shirt White shirt or blouse.  These may be either long or short sleeved but must be capable of being tucked into trousers or skirts and must be tucked in at all times. There must be a top button that can be done up so that the clip-on tie can be attached.  

NO short fitted blouses or un-tucked shirts.

Regular collar. No rounded collars.


Black "V" necked sweater (optional) worn underneath their blazer.

NO hoodies and they are not to be worn as either a jumper or a coat, except for Year 11 'BBS Leaves Hoodies' in the last week of term before study leave. Any hoodie worn on site will be confiscated until parents collect it.
Tie School Tie – Clip-on with Small School logo. Students who represent their County/Region/Country in any form of Sport, Expressive Art or BBS band who have been awarded a tie can wear this in place of their school tie as a privilege.  Students must seek permission by the Principal to do so. Year 11 Senior Platinum Students wear platinum, silver tie. NO ties unclipped or positioned lower than the top button in school.
Socks Plain, black socks that must cover the ankle. NO coloured socks or leggings. NO trainer socks.
Tights Black or flesh coloured NO Patterned tights, lace tights, fishnet tights, coloured tights or footless tights.
Shoes Sensible, plain, black leather or PVC leather school shoes with sensible heels (height 3cm).  They must be plain black shoes and if they have laces they must be black.  The ankle bone must not be covered by the shoe. NO fabric, canvas, trainers, ‘converse-style’, sports shoes, pumps, sandals, creepers, wedges, dance slippers, sling backs, mules or boots.  Students wearing inappropriate shoes will be expected to change out of them. If you are unsure what is not acceptable please check with Small School team before purchasing 
Coat Plain coats are recomended but not compulsory. Coats to be worn over uniform to and from school. NO coats worn in school and they must not have any inappropriate logos/slogans.
Bag Large enough and strong enough to carry the necessary books. NO small handbags that cannot fit books.
Make up Subtle make-up is acceptable at KS4 - this is natural foundation and includes clear nail varnish.

NO makeup is allowed in KS3.

NO blusher or bronzer, a subtle coat of mascarsa.

NO thickly coated eyelashes, false eyelashes, eye shadow, eyeliner or pencilled in eyebrows.

NO false nail extensions, clip-on nails or coloured nail varnish.

Staff reserve the right to ask students to remove excess make-up at their discretion.

Hair Styles Sensible hair styles. NO extreme hair colour or styles such as backcombed hair or shaved patterns.
Hair Accessories Plain, dark blue or black hair bands or bobbles. NO coloured hair bands, Bobbles or large flowers.

A watch and one small (4mm maximum) plain gold or silver stud per ear. Two charity wristbands are permitted and in addition one anti-bullying wristband.

A religious bangle may be worn and any religious necklace can be worn underneath the shirt which if it is confirmed in writing by the parent/guardian.

NO large earrings, ear gauges, ear cuffs, dangly earrings or fashion earrings
NO bangles, bracelets or non-charity wristbands, non-House charity badges
NO rings.
ALL other body piercings (tongue, nose, lips, belly button, eyebrow etc.) ARE FORBIDDEN ON THE GROUNDS OF HEALTH AND SAFETY IN AND AROUND SCHOOL.
Headwear Plain black headscarf or plain black turban. Can only be worn for religious reasons (to be discussed with head of school).
Contact Lenses or Glasses Prescription lenses and glasses only. NO coloured contacts or fashion glasses.

Burton Borough School respects equality and diversity and in instances where students are going through a gender transition process, or do not wish to be defined by a gender, school will liaise with the family on a case by case basis to determine the appropriate uniform.  Please contact your Small School team to discuss further.

The school reserves the right to confiscate items that are being worn or used inappropriately and can ban unforeseen items that may come under ‘fashion items’ but are not specifically stated in our uniform code. 

PE Uniform

Girls PE Kit Boys PE Kit
Core items: Core items:
  • Polo shirt (embroidered & initialled)
  • At least ONE of these two items:
    • Full zip training top (embroidered & initialled)
    • Full zip insulated training top with hood (embroidered & initialled)
  • At least ONE OF these three items:
    • Skort (embroidered & initialled)
    • Leggings (embroidered & initialled)
    • Shorts (embroidered & initialled)
  • Plain white sports socks
  • Trainers
  • Towel
  • Gum shield (hockey and rugby)
  • Football boots (optional)
  • Shin pads (optional)
  • Polo shirt (embroidered & initialled)
  • Shorts (embroidered & initialled)
  • At least ONE OF these three items:
    • Rugby shirt (embroidered/Initials)
    • ¼ Zip training top (embroidered initials)
    • Full zip insulated training top with hood (embroidered initials)
  • Navy blue football socks
  • White indoor sports socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots
  • Towel
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield (hockey and rugby)
Optional: Optional:
  • Training pants (embroidered & initialled)
  • Training pants (embroidered & initialled)
  • Students may also wear plain navy blue or black base layers when on outdoor sports.
  • Boys are required to wear shorts when participating in sports which are inside. 
  • No jewellery is to be worn during PE lessons. 
  • Hair must be tied back – no clips or headbands are permitted.