This year we are re-branding and launching our inter Small School Competitions. Whilst we were embedding the new pastoral structure last year, staff and students raised that they would like more competition between the 3 schools to embed the sense of community and generate some more healthy competition. This year we have an extensive programme of competitions in virtually every subject area. We also have some additional competitions such as debating and public speaking, some of which are also national competitions or judged by external experts. The aim is that all students throughout the year will compete in at least 2 competitions. However there is no limit to how many students may want to enter!

Some events such as the cross country event in PE are run in PE lessons and will therefore be compulsory, however the vast majority will be on a voluntary basis. Each student who enters will gain 5 reward points each time and the top 15 will gain reward points on a sliding scale. So 1st prize is 50, second 30, third 25, fourth 20, fifth 15, and then 10 points for the remainder. There will also be prizes and commendations for winners, outstanding entries, or student endeavour.

Below you will see a menu of the competitions running this year so that you can encourage your son/daughter to enter and get involved. This is the first year of this so if you or your son/daughter feels there is anything else we can add or change about this please tell them to pass this on via their tutors.

Inter Small School Competition Menu

Department What is it? Who can Enter? When? (Week Beginning)
Drama and Music Drama performance in small groups or individually based on a theme. Music song writing competition and vocal competition (X-factor) Y7 - 10 4/5/20
MFL Spelling competition within lessons between students. Y7 7/10/19

Oxford Trinity completing story competition.

Students are given an unfinished story which has to be completed. This is judged externally as it is a national competition.

Y10/11 9/12/19

Photograph of the year competition.

This can be completed in extra-curricular time or at home.

Y9/10/11 11/11/19

Portrait and landscape competition.

This can be completed in extra-curricular time or at home.

All Years 13/1/20
  • Maths week. Team quiz against teams from other small schools.
  • Numeracy Ninja
  • Weekly Maths challenge
  • Pi Day Challenge. Mathematical challenge will be set on this day which you will have to solve
All Years 2/3/20
Extended Writing Big think questions set once every other month that students have the chance to respond to. Parents can enter too! All Years 5 Times during the year.




A research project on a topic set by the department. These will be initially judged by tutors with the top ones going forward to head of department to judge.

Geog Y9

Hist Y8


  • Cross Country
  • Sports week. Additional house competitions running all week.
  • Sports day
  • Inter school sport at the end of each other half term 


Y7 - 10


End of Term
English Spelling Fortnight within lessons All Years Each Fortnight
Makunga letter writing Students write to Makunga All Years 4/11/19
VEX Robotics A robot building competition in the computing department linked to a regional and national competition. All Years 24/02/20
Science What is Science photography competition Y9 6/3/20
DT To be confirmed Y7 - 9 8/6/20