Placement Dates
Monday 6th July - Thursday 16th July 2020

All students will be required to attend school on Friday 17th July for a Work Experience debriefing


Work Experience Documents


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do if my son or daughter is sick and can’t attend their placement?
Two phone calls should be made as early as possible to both the placement provider and Burton Borough Absence Team on 01952 386500 (or contact via the school website.)

Can my son or daughter work with me or a close family member?
The aim of the programme is for students to experience the world of work, including meeting new people, so wherever possible, working with family should be avoided. It is also important to point out that if the family business is classed as a sole trader, it is unlikely to be approved by Telford & Wrekin EBL.

My son or daughter already works at a company on a Saturday, can they do their work experience there?
Yes, however it cannot be paid employment.

My son or daughter would like to continue their work experience during the weekends or holidays, is that okay?
Unfortunately our insurance, through Telford & Wrekin, does not cover weekends or holidays.

Can my son or daughter complete their work experience placement at Burton Borough?
Unfortunately not, we will keep these places for any student whose placement falls through at the last minute or whose placement is closed on any day during the programme. 

The placement organised for my son or daughter is closed on one or more days during the programme, do they stay at home?
No, we must be informed of this on the health & safety form and students will be expected to come in to school on that day. They will register at reception and then report to the business office where they will be allocated to one of BBS departments for the day. Failure to do this will result in an unauthorised absence being recorded.

Can my son or daughter do two separate placements? (One each week)
Even though we have offered this in the past, it hasn’t been beneficial to the students, especially as the second week is only for four days. Therefore, this year, students should arrange one, nine day placement. If there is a problem with a placement providing the full nine days, please contact Mrs Kane as a matter of urgency.

What do I do if my son or daughter cannot find a placement?
As a school we have a wide range of contacts in many employment sectors. If your son or daughter is struggling to arrange a placement, please contact Mrs Kane in the  business office or email who will be happy to pass on contact information for possible placements in their chosen occupational area.

What additional support is available for students in applying for placements?
Mrs Kane is available for drop in support before school or during break on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays in the business office if students need support in contacting employers. There will also be support in PSHE sessions on a Thursday.

Will my son or daughter just work school hours?
No, as this is experience of work, students should work a full working day. This however should not be longer than eight hours and should not include unsociable hours or shift work.

Is there any placements that my son or daughter cannot do?
Due to the age of the students, there will be some placements that will be deemed unsuitable due to employment bylaws. These placements will not be approved by Telford & Wrekin. For more information go to: 

Can my son or daughter attend a placement outside of Telford?
Yes, however please be aware that this is passed to the appropriate local authority for health & safety checks and does take a considerable amount of time. There is a greater risk that a placement out of area will not be approved.

What should I do if my son or daughter has problems whilst on placement?
If there are any concerns during the placement, please contact the school immediately.

My son or daughter has a care plan or a medical condition that Burton Borough are aware of, will this be passed on to the placement?
No, due to laws regarding sharing of data, we will not share your son or daughters care plan or medical information with the placement. You will be expected to notify the placement and ensure they are able to adhere to the care plan.

My son or daughter is Pupil Premium, will I be able to receive financial support to help them on Work Experience?
If you require support, please contact your Pupil Premium Mentor within the small school office who will be able to look into this for you.

Will my son or daughter be visited whilst on placement?
We endeavour to visit all students whilst on placement, however occasionally this is not possible, due to the location or working hours of the students. In these occasions, a member of staff will call the placement to check how the student is doing.