19 July 2022

An email has been sent to all families with this information:


Subject:  IMPORTANT:  Early closure today (19 July 2022) and information for tomorrow (20 July 2022)


Dear families,


After monitoring the temperatures in school this morning and looking at the weather forecast, we have come to the decision that students will go home after period 4 (12:35pm) today.  The hottest temperatures of nearly 40°c will be reached at about 2pm today and we want to make sure students travel home safely before this.


Important information for today:


  • School buses have been arranged to pick students up at 12:35pm
  • Students eligible for Free School Meals can pick up a packed lunch at break
  • If you need your child to stay in school because they cannot get into the house, please email us at main.bbs@taw.org.uk so that we can keep them in the coolest room in the school until you pick them up


Information for tomorrow:


  • School will be open as usual tomorrow (Wednesday)
  • Students are to wear PE kit for the last day as we understand that these are quicker to wash and dry
  • School will finish at 12:35pm (school buses have been arranged to pick up at this time)

Yours sincerely,

Burton Borough School