5 October 2018

Free SmartWater Kits for All Newport Residents

Newport Town Council are dedicated to make Newport a safer place to live, work and enjoy an environment that promotes a sense of wellbeing and community cohesion. With that in mind Newport Town Council are giving away SmartWater Kits to all residents of Newport, we have already distributed over 600 kits.

So what is SmartWater?

Smartwater is a crime prevention property marking fluid that can be used easily to mark your valuable property. It is invisible in normal light, but shows up under ultraviolet light. Its use in your property could deter potential thieves and also helps the Police in reuniting recovered stolen property with its rightful owners.

SmartWater domestic kits come with full instructions on how to register marked property on the SmartWater database. The easy to use packs include:

  • Home coding solution
  • Window deterrent stickers
  • Property Stickers
  • Instructions
  • Registration Form

SmartWater is distributed by a mixture of Councillors, Volunteers and PCSO where residents can collect their free kit and complete the registration form. The process from start to finish will take around 5 minutes per household.

To find out more please email enquiries@newportsaloptowncouncil.co.uk or call 01952 814338