At Burton Borough School we believe that we need to provide appropriate learning experiences for all students of all abilities. The High Potential Students policy sets out how we will achieve this for the high potential students and impacts upon the whole school: every department, tutor group and member of staff. The aim of this is to raise the aspirations and achievement of the cohort and, by doing so, the aspirations and achievement of all pupils. The High Potential Students Policy provides guidance as to how we will meet the needs of our high potential students and will allow us to be clear about how we identify and support them at Burton Borough School in all areas of the curriculum.

We hope that all students will read at least 6 books from the BBS reading list or watch 6 films from the BBS Film list (see the links in the high potential menu above) a year. They should also aim to complete at least 3 ‘Big Think’ submissions a year based on questions set by the school or chosen themselves from the website (or devised on their own and cleared with Mr Allen). We believe doing these things will help to develop their cultural capital, broaden their vocabulary and enable them to practise many of the critical thinking skills valued in society.