Welcome to the Special Educational Needs Department at Burton Borough School.  Burton Borough School is an inclusive school and recognises that every teacher is a teacher of SEND.  We have recently signed up to the Whole School SEND consortium to further demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that every child and young person with SEND can achieve their potential at school. 

We have a wonderful team that is split between two ‘hubs’.  One ‘hub’ supports our students with cognition and learning difficulties and offers a range of interventions for literacy, numeracy, dyslexia and over learning.  The 2nd ‘hub’ support students with Autism, Speech and Language needs and physical disabilities.  Students can access these ‘hubs’ for targeted intervention, support during lessons or at social times. 

Mrs Johnston is Head of Engage & Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.  If you have any queries, she can be contacted via our contact form.

Jacqueline Johnston

Head of Engage & Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Elizabeth Cox

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Steve Ross

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Heather McClean

Teaching Assistant

Nichola Freeman

Teaching Assistant

Rabena Iqbal

Teaching Assistant

Engage Team

Roz Tarr

Higher Level Teaching Assistant Engage

Sarah Wilton

Teaching Assistant Engage