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Your child will receive progress and annual reports whilst at Burton Borough School which are designed to keep you informed of your child’s progress throughout the year. 

Below is a guide to show you when to expect these reports and also a detailed report guide to ensure you fully understand the contents of the report. 

We hope you find these reports useful.  If you have any queries or questions regarding the reports, please contact either your child’s small school, or if it is a subject specific enquiry please contact your child’s subject teacher.

  Progress 1 Progress 2 Annual Mock Results Parents Evening Report Guide
Year 7 December 2018 April 2019 July 2019 N/A February 2019 Year 7 Guide to the BBS Progress Report
Year 8 December 2018 July 2019 March 2019 N/A May 2019 <to follow shortly>
Year 9 November 2018 July 2019 March 2019 N/A January 2019 Year 9 Guide to the BBS Progress Report
Year 10 October 2018 February 2018 June 2019 September 2019 March 2019 <to follow shortly>
Year 11 November 2018 April 2019 March 2019 January 2019 October 2018 <to follow shortly>