Mission Statement

At Burton Borough School we have long had a fantastic reputation for the extra-curricular offer provided by PE and the Performing Arts. However, we believe that where provision for more able students is good then the extra-curricular offer is broad and there should be some flexibility in the curriculum for MAT students to help them express their gifts. As a result we have expanded our offer so that it covers a wider range of subject areas and skills. It has been proved over and over again that if you raise the aspiration and achievements of the more able students then there is a noticeable impact on the wider school population. And so the Burton Borough University was born!

The Burton Borough University is an all-encompassing extra-curricular programme which will develop into an extra- and super-curricular programme in the future. The purpose of this is to deliver ‘Cultural Capital’ to the students and our activities concentrate on developing a growth mindset as well as broadening their educational experience. Eventually, bespoke specialist programmes will be developed in each subject to enable the most able students in the school to be suitably challenged beyond the requirements of GCSE.

We offer subject specific activities, clubs and competitions as well as some larger projects run by external providers. These sessions run at lunchtime or after school, depending on what is most convenient for the departments concerned, and it is an expectation that each faculty area runs at least one per year. Students accumulate credits for attending and participating fully in the sessions; this will lead to a ‘graduation’ when they have amassed the appropriate number of points.

BBU Activities


  • Python programming for beginners
  • BBS Flim Club – IntoFilm website
  • Strategy Games Club
  • Year 7 Thinking Skills
  • The Big Think


  • Year 10 University Access Course
  • Y9 Critical Thinking Sessions
  • University College Oxford Workshops – talking about what top universities are looking for and the basics about university: studying, courses on offer and student life.


  • Y10 Maths4 Life – exploring the mysteries of tax, debt and shopping
  • Bletchley Park – EEL day event exploring the importance of the work done there during WW2
  • VEX Robotics Challenge