Welcome to Hawkstone School 

In Hawkstone School we pride ourselves in being one big family who support one another. We believe in smiles not frowns, and taking the positive out of every challenge that school and life in general throws at us. As a pastoral team, including our tutor team we want to grow responsible mature young adults who are resilient and determined to succeed both in and out of school.

The Hawkstone family

As one big family we also want to extend our support to families. Through our twitter feed @hawkstone_BBS we will try and keep you updated with all things Hawkstone and welcome any feedback you may have for us. We feel that this is really important because if we all work together then it allows the students in our care to thrive and grow into the decent and responsible young adults that we want them to be.

Modelling good behaviour

If we want our students to be decent and responsible young adults then we have to model this for them. In Hawkstone we as staff we try to treat our students as young adults and try to grow and nurture good habits by displaying these ourselves. We try never to shout, to judge, belittle, or begrudge, and where at all possible we deal with situations in a calm and non-confrontational manner. This is what we want to see in our students.

Recognising student achievement

When we do something special, when we try that little bit harder, when we try and change as a person, or when we produce some outstanding work, there is nothing better than a big pat on the back. Our students, like us love to be recognised for their endeavours. We feel that this is possibly one of the most important roles that we have as a team and this is why we take every opportunity to pat on the back. For example every week tutors nominate students and each fortnight 6 students are invited to have hot chocolate and treats with the team as a way of saying well done.


Hawkstone School Team

Mrs J Mahon

Head of School

Mrs K Barre

Deputy Head of School

Mr N Garbett

School Manager

Mrs K Evison

Assistant School Manager