Welcome to Chetwynd School

We pride ourselves on being a school that listens to our students, taking on board their views and opinions so they in turn can take responsibility and ownership for their education.

We are a school that looks at the wider picture; the challenges our students may face before and after school, their contributions to the community and their long term aspirations.  We want to ensure all our students are prepared with the necessary skills to be valued and successful members of society, reaching their full portential.

Finally, we are a school that appreciates the importance of communication and working in partnership. We welcome input from our students, parents, professionals, governors and the wider community.

We believe that feeling listened to, valued and respected will lead to greater attendance, attainment and well-being.

Chetwynd Award

Chetwynd School will be awarding their students a ‘red leaf’ in recognition of ‘exceptional contribution to the school or wider community’.

Watch how the tree blossoms from month to month as more and more students get awarded their leaf.  We will be updating a new photo every month and hope that by the end of the year every member of Chetwynd School has received their Chetwynd Award.

We have chosen a tree because of the link to Chetwynd Park but also because of what a tree symbolises:

“Like branches on a tree, we may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”

“Good timber does not grow with ease.  The stronger the wind the stronger the trees.”

“Stay deeply rooted while reaching through the sky.”

“Hang tough through a cold spell, stand tall after a storm.”


First month, first photo and first Chetwynd Award.  Congratulations to this young lady, who was awarded her leaf for baking 58 cakes for her tutor group and other students and staff just because she thought they could do with a ‘lift’. A lovely thought that clearly embodies the values of Chetwynd School.










Hot Choc Friday

Hot Choc Friday:

We are thrilled to announce our first Hot Choc Friday.  These students have been nominated by their tutors; congratulations and we look forward to seeing you in Chetwynd office for Hot chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits!

  • Joeleen Charlery – Moved from Dorset and has started at the school with a fantastic attitude and effort.
  • Grace Seymore – Outstanding commitment to school teams.
  • Charlotte Bartley - Outstanding commitment to school teams.
  • Ellie Clayton – Perseverance and dedication to her studies.
  • Emily Banks – Baking 58 cakes for her tutor group.
  • Charlie Howard – Outstanding effort in all his classes.
  • Oliver Smith – Outstanding effort in all his classes.

Chetwynd School Team

Mrs C Price

Head of School

Mr A Warren

Deputy Head of School

Mrs K Parkinson

School Manager

Mrs K Burton

Assistant School Manager

Mrs L Corbishley

Learning Mentor